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Ordinances33 documents

  • Ordinance 2022-300
    document seq 0.10
    Longswamp Township Public Gathering and Special Events Ordinance
  • Ordinance 2022-299
    document seq 0.30
    Adopting the 2018 International Property Maintenance Code for Longswamp Township
  • Ordinance 2021-298
    document seq 0.50
    Longswamp Township Zoning Ordinance
  • Ordinance 2020-297
    document seq 0.70
    Longswamp Township Fireworks Regulatory Ordinance
  • Ordinance 2020-295
    document seq 0.90
    Longswamp Township Regulations for Open Burning
  • Ordinance 2019-293
    document seq 1.10
    Longswamp Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO)
  • Ordinance 2019-291
    document seq 1.30
    Longswamp Township Regulations for Open Burning
  • Ordinance 2017-289
    document seq 1.50
    Longswamp Township Regulations for the construction, maintenance, and placement of non-tower wireless communications facilities
  • Ordinance 2016-287
    document seq 1.70
    Longswamp Township Regulations for Sewage Management for properties in Phase II of high needs area
  • Ordinance 2012-271
    document seq 1.90
    Longswamp Township Regulations for Forestry and/or Timber Harvesting
  • Ordinance 2012-270
    document seq 2.10
    Longswamp Township Permit Regulations for any construction or development
  • Ordinance 2012-268
    document seq 2.30
    Longswamp Township Provisions for Water Conservation
  • Ordinance 2011-267
    document seq 2.50
    Longswamp Township Nuisance Standards for Noise
  • Ordinance 2011-265
    document seq 2.70
    Longswamp Township Perkiomen Creek Headwaters Act 167 Stormwater Management Ordinance
  • Ordinance 2010-263
    document seq 2.90
    Longswamp Township Procedures and Regulations for Snow Emergencies and the removal of snow and slush
  • Ordinance 2010-261
    document seq 3.10
    Longswamp Township Non-Standard On-Lot and Community Sewage System Ordinance
  • Ordinance 2010-260
    document seq 3.30
    Longswamp Township Regulations for Solar Energy Systems
  • Ordinance 2008-252
    document seq 3.50
    Longswamp Township Sacony Creek Watershed Stormwater Management Ordinance
  • Ordinance 2008-249
    document seq 3.70
    Longswamp Township Highway Occupancy Permit Ordinance
  • Ordinance 2006-238
    document seq 3.90
    Longswamp Township Sewage Management Program
  • Ordinance 2005-228A
    document seq 4.10
    Longswamp Township Little Lehigh Creek Watershed Act 167 Stormwater Management Ordinance
  • Ordinance 2005-224
    document seq 4.30
    Longswamp Township Setback Distance for Existing Mobile Home Units within existing Mobile Home Parks of Three or More Units
  • Ordinance 2004-215
    document seq 4.50
    Longswamp Township Amendments to Driveway Ordinance
  • Ordinance 2004-214
    document seq 4.70
    Longswamp Township Burning Ordinance
  • Ordinance 2004-210
    document seq 4.90
    Longswamp Township Junk Dealer, Junk Yard and Scrap Yard Ordinance
  • Ordinance 2004-209
    document seq 5.10
    Longswamp Township Peddling and Soliciting Ordinance
  • Ordinance 2003-205
    document seq 5.30
    Longswamp Township Dangerous Building Ordinance
  • Ordinance 1998-192
    document seq 5.50
    Longswamp Township Driveway Ordinance
  • Ordinance 1998-189
    document seq 5.70
    Longswamp Township Storm Water Management Ordinance
  • Ordinance 1995-181
    document seq 5.90
    Longswamp Township On-Lot Sewage Disposal Permit Ordinance
  • Ordinance 1993-177
    document seq 6.10
    Longswamp Township Requirements and Procedures for Individual and Community and On-Site Sewage System Requirements
  • Ordinance 1987-150
    document seq 6.30
    Longswamp Township Peddling, Canvassing and Soliciting Ordinance
  • Ordinance 1985-146
    document seq 6.50
    Longswamp Township Requirements for Moving Permits for Transportation of Household Good in Bulk

Resolutions2 documents

  • Resolution 2024-16- amending 2009-7 Open Records Policy
    document seq 0.90
  • Resolution 2024-08 Fee Schedule
    document seq 9.00