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Resident Complaints

Resident complaints are used to investigate issues in the Township by our Zoning Officer. If a property owner has an issue with another property in the Township that they believe deserves the attention of either Staff, the Board of Supervisors, or the Zoning Officer, a Resident complaint must be filled out and filed with the Township. 

Because the Zoning Officer is hired from a 3rd party company (LTL Consultants), the Township cannot direct him to investigate any issues without having the form filled out and filed with the Township. The form justifies the use of tax payer dollars in directing the Zoning Officer to investigate any given issue that arises from a Resident complaint. 

Please be as specific as possible when submitting a Resident complaint form, and please also supply any supplemental information along with the complaint that you think may bolster the complaint when it is being reviewed. This can be anything from previous complaints on the same property, signatures or notes from other neighbors, and most importantly pictures and/or videos of what is relevant to the complaint being filed. 

Please note, Resident complaints ARE confidential. Complaints are not subject to Right-to-Know Law.
If you would like to file a resident complaint, please click here to download the form.