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Public Works

There is a street light out, can you fix it?
No. The Township Public Works Department does not handle street light outages, regardless of the Street the outage is on. To get the light fixed, please get the Pole Number from the tag physically located on the pole itself that is having issues and call Met-Ed.


Does the Township require Use and Occupancies?
Yes. To schedule a UNO, please call LTL Consultants at their main office number of 610-987-9290 to schedule. 
When do I need a permit?
Please see the permit page for more information.


When am I able to rent a Pavilion at one of Longswamp Township's parks?
The Longswamp Township Pavilion Rental season runs from May 1st through September 30th. Booking for the Pavilions opens on April 1st. Stop into the Township Office anytime after April 1st to reserve a pavilion!
Does the Township require a moving permit?
Yes. The Township requires a moving permit for anyone moving into or out of the Township. These forms must be picked up at the Township Office and cost $5.00. 
I have a question about my Taxes...
The Township Office does not do anything tax related. Everything, including the payment of taxes, is handled by the Township Tax Collector. Her information can be found here and on the Tax bill.

Township Information

Is there Water & Sewer service in Longswamp Towship?
No. Water and Sewer services are private across the Township EXCEPT for certain properties on Woodside Avenue and Freehall Street. The properties that are on public Water & Sewer are serviced by Topton Borough Water Authority. 
Is there Trash & Recycling service in Longswamp Township?
No, all Trash and Recycling services are private across the Township. 
Is alcohol allowed at any of the Township Parks?
No. There is absolutely no alcohol allowed on any Township property, even if you are renting a pavilion. 
Can I fish at Hunsicker's Grove?
Yes, however the Township requires a fishing badge to do so. These badges are sold at the Township Office and at Chris's Bait and Tackle for a price of $20.00. If, however, you are renting the pavilion, then you are able to fish without obtaining a badge. Fishing opens on the 1st Saturday in April and the water will be stocked around that time.