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Township Directory

Board of Supervisors
Don Hickman, Chairman
Mark Hilbert, Vice-Chairman
Joyce Marin-Supervisor 

Planning Commission
Preston Boyer, Chairman
David River, Secretary
Greg Kupar, Member
Charles Moore, Member
Mark Story, Vice Chairman

Zoning Hearing Board
Steven Parks, Chairman
Royal Furer, Member
Peter Silbermann, Vice-Chairman
Rex Wessel, Alternate
Christopher Muvdi, Solicitor

Parks and Recreation Committee
Tyrene Christman, Chairman
Mike Sacks, Vice Chairman
Mark Hilbert, Liaison
Khonni Falatko, Member
Brad Sechler, Member
Merissa Sechler, Member
LeAnn Sacks, Member
Allison Fuller, Director

UCC Joint Appeals Board
Brad Teal, Member
Peter Silbermann, Member
Louis Vander Kleut, Member

Township Act 537 Blue Ribbon Panel
Coralie Eck, Member
Joyce Hanzl, Member
Teri Isamoyer, Member
Gene Wagaman, Member
Donna Wagaman, Member
Carl Wischner, Member
Office Staff
Joni McPike, Secretary/Treasurer
610-682-7388 x122
Allison Fuller, Township Administrator
610-682-7388 x129

Public Works Department
Scott Miller, Roadmaster
610-682-7388 x110

Lloyd Weller, Member
Erik Schweitzer, Member
Bill Johnson Jr., Member

Township Solicitor
Beth M. Kohl, Esquire
Barley Snyder 

Township Zoning Officer
Ryan Wessner, LTL Consultants
610-682-7388 x135

Township Engineer
Jill Lipovsky Smith, Vice President, COO
Hanover Engineering Associates

Township Sewage Enforcement Officer
Bradley Pflum, Principal, LTL Consultants

Township Tax Collector
Lorraine Meck, 610-641-9119

Historical Review Commission
Greg Huber, Member
Deb Miller, Member
Judith Murphy, Member
Kevin Shoemaker, Member
Marie Maly, Member

Environmental Advisory Council
Joyce Marin-Liaison

Joint Public Safety Committee
Mike Richards, Chairman
Jason Robinson, Chief
Tyrene Christman, Secretary
Daryl George, Assistant Chief
Don Hickman, Liaison
Mike Salvadge, Assistant EMC
Brad Sechler, EMC
Jennifer Steigerwalt, Assistant Chief
Ray Strickland, Chief
Rex Wessel, Public Rep. 

Agricultural Security Area Advisory Council
Roy Rohrbach, Member
William Boyd, Member

Brandywine Community Library Board
Amy Crouse, Member
Nicole Miller, Member
Mary Shoemaker, Member

Emergency Management
Brad Sechler
Mike Salvage