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Tax Collector

The local tax collector is the municipal officer designated to collect municipal and school real estate and personal taxes levied under the municipal codes, and in mist cases county real estate and personal taxes. In Boroughs and Second Class Townships, the office is designated as tax collector; in third class cities and first class townships, the elected treasurer is designated tax collector. In home rule municipalities, the home rule charter or administrative code designates the officer to collect local taxes. Some home rule charters provide for an elected tax collector or treasurer, while others have appointed tax-collecting officers.

Municipal tax collectors collect school taxes levied under the authority of the Public School Code, including school real estate taxes. There is no authority for a school district to collect these taxes through its own employees; this function has been assigned to the municipal tax collectors. 

In the majority of counties, municipal tax collectors collect county real estate, per capita and occupation taxes.

Longswamp Township Tax Collector - 
Lorraine A. Meck
9540 Longswamp Road, Mertztown, PA 19539
(610) 641-9119

Longswamp Township Municipal Tax Rates (2022):
General Tax Fund - 1.70
Emergency Services Tax - .315
Fire Protection - .75
Debt Services - .44

Your Payroll Witholding Related Tax Information Contacts:
Local Witholding Tax (EIT) 1% Tax
Local Services Tax (LST) $52.00
Questions and refunds refer to:

Berks EIT Bureau
1125 Berkshire Blvd., Suite 115
Wyomissing PA 19610