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Environment Advisory Council

Pennsylvania’s municipal environmental advisory councils are officially created, appointed arms of municipal government that focus exclusively on environmental conservation and improvement. The tasks undertaken by an EAC are determined by the particular circumstances of the municipality it serves (within the limits set by state law).

An EAC may research issues, develop policy proposals, and advise local government officials, including the governing board and planning commission, to help inform decision-making regarding the environment; it does this strictly in an advisory rather than decision-making role. An EAC may also undertake an array of on-the-ground conservation projects, planning of new conservation initiatives, and environmental education efforts.

EACs provide municipal governments a pool of local talent and volunteer energy to draw upon whether that is for scientifically-sound, in-depth analysis about environmental resource issues or for designing or implementing environmental conservation projects.

The formation of an EAC is an option available to municipalities; state law does not require it. It is up to the individuals interested in seeing one established, whether they be municipal officials or residents, to propose establishment to members of the municipality’s governing body. If a municipality’s governing body chooses to create an EAC, it must do so by passing an ordinance. The governing bodies of neighboring municipalities may choose to form regional, multi-municipal EACs.

Ordinance # 234 enacted September 12, 2006, by the Longswamp Township Board of Supervisors formed an Environmental Advisory Council that will have the following powers:

  • Identify environmental problems and recommend plans and programs to the appropriate agencies for the promotion and conservation of the natural resources and for the protection and improvement of the quality of the environment within its territorial limits.
  • Make recommendations as to the possible use of open land areas of the municipal corporations within its territorial limits.
  • Promote a community environmental program.
  • Keep an index of all open areas, publicly or privately owned, including flood-prone areas, swamps and other unique natural areas, for the purpose of obtaining information on the proper use of those areas.
  • Advise the appropriate local government agencies, including the planning commission and recreation and park board or, if none, the elected governing body or bodies within its territorial limits, in the acquisition of both real and personal property by gift, purchase, grant, bequest, easement, devise or lease, in matters dealing with the purposes of this subchapter.
Appointed Township Environmental Advisory Council Members (3-year term):

  • Kate Harms, Chairman
  • Joyce Marin, Member
  • Mike Sacks, BOS Liaison
All Environmental Advisory Council meetings are held on the third Monday of each month, at 7:00 p.m., at the Longswamp Township Municipal Building, 1112 State Street, Mertztown, PA, unless otherwise published.
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