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Winter Maintenance

Snow removal on Longswamp Township's miles of roads is a service that is critical to the health and safety of Township residents. Our crews work around the clock to keep your streets safe. In an effort to continually improve Township snow removal service, the Public Works Department wants you to know more about our efforts and to answer your most frequently asked questions about snow removal.

Snow Removal Frequently Asked Questions

When does snow removal begin?
When the Road Crew receives word from the forecasting service that a storm is on the way, the crew begins preparation so that they may be on the streets as soon as possible. Township crews start by spreading salt on the streets. When approximately 3" of snow has accumulated, the crews will begin to plow the streets.
Does the Township Road Crew plow all roads in the Township?
Yes, the Road crews plow all roads in the Township, regardless if it is a local or state road. 
Should we move our vehicles and play equipment from the street?
Yes! When a storm is forecasted, move vehicles to off-street parking, and move basketball hoops and other play equipment away from the street. Be sure to keep vehicles off the street until after the plowing is completed. Parked cars can be both a hazard and hindrance to snow removal efforts. This allows plows to clear the entire roadway the first time through, making return trips unnecessary. Also be sure to keep play equipment from extending beyond the curb line into the street.
How wide of a path will plows clean?

If possible, the plows will clean your street curb to curb. However, this is not always possible because of parked cars on the street. When cars are parked on the streets, the crews will try to remove as much snow as possible. What about driveways and sidewalks? When cleaning your street, the crews have no place to push the snow except to the curb, this creates the unavoidable problem of already cleaned sidewalks and driveways being covered with snow. The best solution to avoid this situation is to wait until the streets have been cleared before cleaning driveways and sidewalks.

Remember: do NOT shovel snow from driveways into roadways. This practice is illegal under the state motor vehicle code and is also hazardous. The Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code provides for a maximum fine of $300.00 for this violation. Property owners are reminded that they are responsible for the actions of anyone they hire for snow removal.

What if my mailbox becomes covered with snow?
Your mailbox and the access to it for the U.S. Postal Service is the responsibility of the resident. Again, because the crews have no place to put the snow, curbside mailboxes may become blocked. Heavy snow coming off the plows may damage mailboxes. This is not intentional, but does occasionally happen. Please make sure your mailbox is sturdy and in good repair. The Township will not be responsible for repairs/replacements to mailboxes, fences or shrubs placed within the legally defined rights-of-ways of its road. The homeowner is responsible for replacing/repairing a mailbox damaged by plowed snow, unless they are actually struck by the snow removal vehicle. If this has occurred, please go to the Township office and fill out a Complaint Form . This is the only way that the Township will address this issue.
My lawn or landscaping was damaged by a snowplow, what should I do?
As with any objects that are placed within the legal road right of way by the property owner, the Township will not be responsible for correction or replacement if so damaged during the course of snow removal. The individual property owner is responsible for marking their lawn edge with a reflective-type stake or marker.